Vegetable and fruit delivery by ODDBOX – Review and story of my latest box


Following some research I signed up with ODDBox, fruit and vegetables delivery. I was totally sold on their fantastic ideology. This London based company “rescues” fruit and vegetables from being wasted. It’s hard to believe that 3 million tonnes of perfectly edible fruit ad veg will never get the chance to even leave the farm and instead ends up as waste! Reason? Sick industrialize systems, unrealistic guidance for the way fresh produce should look like. Result? A huge amount of FOOD that those farmers put love into growing will not make it to the supermarkets and will be discarded. It’s really heart breaking!

820 million people globally going hungry every year, food banks are asking for more and more donations while the world is hit by the pandemic, the planet is in environmental crisis as we overuse its resources trying to produce more food yet large part of it goes to waste because of ….SIZE, SHAPE or IMPERFECTIONS. This is absolutely crazy and unacceptable!

This brilliant company recovers those “defective” fruit and vegetables directly from farmers contributing to huge saving in not only food but also water, man power, CO2 emission… WAY TO GO!

ODDBox makes their deliveries at night to further minimize their environmental impact. No traffic, less fuel, better efficiency. Great! I must admit that I felt bit like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to drop presents under the Christmas tree! Picking out of the window till later in the evening…to wake up in the morning and find MY BOX, just as expected! Ha ha!  The content did not disappoint either!Veg Art

What I like about the service

1. The product – I received perfect box of fruit and vegetables, fresh, healthy looking. In fact it’s very hard to spot any imperfections, most are just too small for commercial sale.

2. Efficient delivery – It’s good to know you can rely on your company. It also allows me to save time making a separate trip to greengrocers.

3. Practically no plastic packaging – One cardboard box. That’s usually all the waste that you get which is brilliant!
Over the last 3 deliveries I have only had 2 plastic foil (salad & spinach). I accept that some produce might be tricky to transport otherwise. Those leafy veg are often rescued from farmers already packed however ODDBox commits to 100% recyclable packaging of their own .

4. Most produce is local and seasonal. This is definitely more sustainable choice. Not only you rescue perfect food but also contribute to reduction in CO2 emissions, eating what we have around us instead of food that to travels from other part of the globe.

5. Very reasonable price! I went for a medium fruit and veg box (£15.99 including delivery) which is just enough for our family of four. They do however offer smaller and larger boxes as well as just fruit or just veg boxes. On the top of that you get offers of extras and adds on for produce that are last minute rescue surplus.

6. You can check what sort of produce is expected in the next box on the ODDBox website.

7. They provide you with an informative letter which includes all the saving of food, CO2 and water, along with the list of all the produce and why they were unsuitable for the supermarket shelve. You also get information on how to store your food and what should be eaten first to make the most of your box.

8. Variety means more creativity! We often tend to buy the same products and have our favorite meals that we repeat time and time again. With ODDBox you have a chance to explore and taste produce we would not usually go for and if you are stuck for ideas you can visit their  website which  provides tons of inspiration .

9. Flexibility. You can stop your subscription at any time or skip a week.

Any disadvantages?

1. Night delivery which might be an issue for some. Avoiding traffic its a brilliant idea, maximum efficiency while minimizing impact. If you however have no safe drop of place for the delivery, live in a block of flats or on the main road you will worry that the box will go missing by the morning.

2. You do not know exactly how much of what produce you will be getting in your next box. I do not see this as an issue myself however if you are less adventurous cook or like thing planned well ahead you might find it challenging.


I love the concept and I love the product so I can highly recommend you try it for yourself. It’s a small change that will make an impact,  save you money and time!

What I have made with my ODDBOX this week

So this week this is what was inside my box: Aubergines, butternut squash, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, salad, beetroots, avocados, oranges, apples, melon, nectarines. Look at this handsome bunch!

Veg selection

I feel very lucky as every day cooking is not a chore for me but a chance to create something new and exiting. I put my love and creativity into it and truly enjoy the process (also the eating part!).

Here is how I used some products from this weeks ODDBox:

Beetroot Risotto

Beet Risotto

Carrot and Oat Bites

Carrot Bites

Caulifower Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry


Butternut squash and lentil soup

Butternut Soup

Dairy free aubergine lasagna


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