Dairy free aubergine lasagna


Who does not lasagna?! It’s the ultimate comfort food that everyone loves. This healthy aubergine, dairy free version is to die for and I promise you, you will not be missing meat! I must admit that my relationship with aubergine was rather…bumpy. For a long time I was not exactly a fan of this shiny purple beauty. This recipe it the perfect one as the aubergine “dissolves” into sauce and adds rich flavour to it as well as vitamins B1, B6, potassium, copper and magnesium.

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Crunchy Cauliflower Steaks with Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry cauliflower

One of my favorites when it comes the comfort food. This dish is inspired by the statement of Japanese cousin, Chicken Katsu. Here a cauliflower steaks are providing crispiness and making  this dish very substantial. The sauce is spicy, fragrant, warming complement to the panko caulie… Great dish all family can enjoy! Cauliflower is very affordable, versatile, low calorie super veg. Great source of potassium and Vitamin C. Continue reading “Crunchy Cauliflower Steaks with Katsu Curry”

Carrot and Oat No Bake Bites

Carrot Bites

Sweet, soft and very satisfying. With no added sugar those yummy no bake bites are the perfect treat without the guilt!

Packed with fiber, protein, Magnesium, Calcium and vitamins A & E they are good enough to even eat for breakfast! (Can’t even tell you what a popular mum this made me in my household! Ha Ha! )

In our house my 8 year old son Leon is in charge of making those. (He also takes great control over eating them!) It makes me so happy to see my boy getting involved in the kitchen, really enjoying the process, building confidence and consciousness about his food. Self- satisfaction and sense of achievement is the building block of confidence. Continue reading “Carrot and Oat No Bake Bites”

Vegan Beetroot Risotto

Beet Risotto

What is your relationship with this earthy veg? Do you love it or do you hate it?

I am definitely  a fan and literally can eat beets in any form! Beetroot are high nutritional, an excellent source of folic acid, manganese, potassium and vitamins from the B group. This super veg protect us from heart diseases, helps liver functions and busts immune system so it’s definitely worth give them a chance! Continue reading “Vegan Beetroot Risotto”

How to live sustainable life and stay sane?

Stones Balaned
I remember watching a short You Tube video about an American family of 5 who were talking about their eco-friendly and zero waste living. I was astonished looking at their small jar of plastic waste, well it was an admiration followed by filling of guilt! Why am I producing so much waste comparing to them? What am I doing wrong? How can you live “normally” and manage to be so focused to minimise you waste to practically 0? Am I too ignorant and irresponsible? Continue reading “How to live sustainable life and stay sane?”

Whole plant diet – sustainable or not?

The human population is growing and with it a demand for food. It’s not difficult to understand that there are limitations as to the ways we use the land and how much land we are able to exploit without causing significant and unrecoverable damaging impact on the words’ climate, affecting us all. The sad fact is that the current structure is far from sustainable. I have recently watched fascinating documentary “Kiss the ground” that brilliantly explains the damaging effect of current agriculture methods. Yes, the issue is with the METHODS that are being used. Single crop fields, overuse of pesticides, damage to the soil with invasive machinery to name a few. I have also been surprised to discover the important relation of livestock with fertility of a farmed land for its regeneration. Cattle has been getting really bad reputation recently due to high CO2 emissions. The issue however is not with the animals, but with the volume and the way they are being farmed. Continue reading “Whole plant diet – sustainable or not?”

Steps to minimalism – do you define your success by what you owe?

I never really considered minimalism for myself as  I imagined this is a concept for people that are willing to give up all their modern commodities, for people willing to live with just few things, for people that are happy to live… hippie type of life. I felt as a family based in a city we will never be able to keep the principles of minimalism and I somehow felt this would be dishonest and against this movement principles. As a mum I already feel like a police women and I really was not prepared to add pressure with more “don’ts”. Continue reading “Steps to minimalism – do you define your success by what you owe?”

The best Chilli sin Carne

I have made the most amazing bean and lentil chili this weekend so I though I should share the recipe with you. It’s spicy, incredibly satisfying and truly delicious!

Both beans and lentils are great source of carbohydrates and protein. Lentils are also full of iron and antioxidants and peppers as well as sweet potatoes full of vitamin C making this dish perfect to bust your immunity (not only) through those winter months. Enjoy!

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