Homemade Oat Milk

Oat Milk

Shop bought oat milk can be quite pricey and comes with few more added ingredients than you bargained for. While this non dairy drink should only contain oats and water most oat drinks available in the shop contain sugar, stabilizers for even texture, preservatives for longer shelve life, oil, thickeners and emulsifiers for more creamy consistency.

To enjoy healthy dairy alternative keep it virgin by making it yourself! It’s super easy, it will save you a small fortune and takes less than 5min to make.
This milk alternative can be used for your morning bowl of cereal and delicious smoothies, can be added to your favorite hot drink or used for baking. Oats provide the additional fiber that we all need as well as iron and vitamin B6.


1/2 Cup pf oats

3 Cups of water

1-2 Dates (optional)


Blend Oats


If you are using dates, remove the stone and cover them with boiling water until they become softer (1min). Add oats and cold water plus your soft dates with the liquid to a blender and blend for about 30sec. Do not over-blend it!

Straining Milk


I recommend using nut milk bag. They are re-usable, in-expensive and very easy to clean (link below). You can however also use muslin or cotton for straining.  Place the bag in a bowl and pour the mixture in. Let it strain and give it a very gentle squeeze. Do not squeeze to strong as the milk will become slimy.

For extra smoothness you can strain again, this is optional!

Oat Milk


Store in a fridge. Natural separation will occur so just shake before use. Enjoy with your cereal or with your morning coffee. You can also experiment with flavors and add vanilla or maple syrup.Oat drink will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

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