Crunchy Cauliflower Steaks with Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry cauliflower

One of my favorites when it comes the comfort food. This dish is inspired by the statement of Japanese cousin, Chicken Katsu. Here a cauliflower steaks are providing crispiness and making  this dish very substantial. The sauce is spicy, fragrant, warming complement to the panko caulie… Great dish all family can enjoy! Cauliflower is very affordable, versatile, low calorie super veg. Great source of potassium and Vitamin C.



1 medium cauliflower

Coconut milk

50g Panko Crumbs

50g of flour

50g Coconut Flake

Salt & Paper



1 Carrot

1 Celery stick

1 small onion

1cm piece of Ginger

1 Glove of garlic

Fresh coriander

Medium Curry Powder

Mango Chutney

Spoon of Flour


To Serve:

Rice & Coriander



Start with the sauce. Chop carrot, celery, onion and put on a pan with a little oil. Cook for few minutes until the vegetables soften a bit. Then grate the ginger and garlic in. Stir for a minute or so and add 200ml of water, cover with lid and simmer for 5 minutes or until the carrot is soft.  Add table spoon of curry ( mild or hot,  it’s your call! ) In a cup mix the table spoon of flour and 3 table spoons of cold water. Once all lumps of flour are gone add the mixture to the sauce and stir, the sauce will thicken. Finally,  add 2-3 tablespoons of mango chutney and mix well. Depending on the curry powder you use you might need the add some salt or/ and paper. Taste it and decide at the end

Cauli Steaks
For the steaks…

Preheat the oven the 200 degrees Celsius. Pick a dense cauliflower so it keeps better together. I usually get 2 the 3 large steaks by cutting the cauli through the middle. You are aiming the make them about 1 cm think. Pour a coconut milk on one plate and add some salt, pepper the the milk. On another plate mix flour, coconut and panko crumbs. One by one coat the cauliflower with coconut milk, lift straight into the dry mixture. Turn it around until it’s covered with the panko mixture and place on a non-stick tray. For extra crunch you can spray the steaks with some oil just before placing in the oven. Bake in the oven for 15- 20 min and turn half-way.

Serve with the delicious sauce, steamed or cooked rice and sprinkle of fresh coriander leaves. Bon Appetite!

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