Vegetable and fruit delivery by ODDBOX – Review and story of my latest box


Following some research I signed up with ODDBox, fruit and vegetables delivery. I was totally sold on their fantastic ideology. This London based company “rescues” fruit and vegetables from being wasted. It’s hard to believe that 3 million tonnes of perfectly edible fruit ad veg will never get the chance to even leave the farm and instead ends up as waste! Reason? Sick industrialize systems, unrealistic guidance for the way fresh produce should look like. Result? A huge amount of FOOD that those farmers put love into growing will not make it to the supermarkets and will be discarded. It’s really heart breaking! Continue reading “Vegetable and fruit delivery by ODDBOX – Review and story of my latest box”

A bit about me…

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m just an ordinary person, a wife and a working mum of 2 boys. I love learning and discovering new ways! When I found my 2 little fussy eaters challenging I started educating myself about nutrition. Not only was it fun but also it totally opened my eyes to explore all related subjects of healthy diet, healthy balanced living and most importantly consciousness and sustainability in our everyday life. So, here I am sharing with you how I changed my family life to become healthier, happier and more conscious mum.

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