Benefits of sustainable living

Sustainable Life

Living sustainability means putting our best efforts to protect the resources, minimize pollution and being conscious consumer. At the moment we overly exploit natural resources and continually reduce the ability of the environment to provide more of them for the future. There is no doubt that being more sustainable on every level is crucial, not an option anymore but absolute necessity.

Making the effort to live more sustainable not only benefits the planet but also can greatly benefit your personal health, well-being and your pocket!

Sustainable living: what does it mean?

Detoxify your life

Toxins are all around us. It is estimated that in a typical home we are facing around 60 different toxins (on average). For those living in or near urban areas there is additional risk of high air pollution which affects us daily. While we might have no choice where we live we certainly have a choice how we live.

applying cream

Cosmetics – There is a shocking amount of toxic chemicals used in our soaps, face creams, deodorants, lotions, make up and even baby products. Triclsan, ethanolamone, oxybenzon, formaldehyde, phtalates are just some scary sounding ingredient of every day beauty products. It’s really upsetting to realize that product we use with intention to improve our well-being might compromise our heath.

It is great idea to look into things you use and shop smart going forward! Whenever you can, choose natural, sustainable, organic products. There is fantastic choice of soaps, shampoos, natural oils, natural fragrance, make up and deodorants using natural ingredient . They can be slight more expensive however totally worth the investment. Those toxic, cheaper cosmetics can contain over 10,000 ingredients!

If you enjoy a bit of DIY, there are plenty of simple recipes out there that you can try making at home. Have a go and have some fun!

Home cleaning – It’s not much different when it comes to cleaning products. Toxic components of many widely available products can cause irritation of skin, eye or over time cause breathing issues. The same harmful toxins find their way into our rivers and streams, sadly some find their way also into our food chain.

Choose non-toxic cleaning products where you can. Most of everyday cleaning can be really efficiently done using simple ingredient such us vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, soda crystals, lemon and essential oils for fragrance. You can use peel of your citrus fruit to infuse your liquid home made products for fresh fragrance. Less plastic bottles on our landfills and better health of your family! Worth giving this a go.


Food is our building block and fundamental to our well-being. It’s certainly is not just about filling your tummy, the choices here are critical and investment in your present and future health. It the world of plenty it’s not difficult to get a little confused about which foods are healthy and which are not. It might not surprise you that most unhealthy foods are those highly processed. Except the obvious processed foods there is however lots others that compromise our health due to their very high content of large amount of sugar, preservatives, saturated fats.

There is however one thing we can all do and that is cook more from scratch. It’s definitely more sustainable way of living, keeps you in control and more attached to what you consume. Chemicals are everywhere and probably impossible to avoid completely, however by buying simple ingredient and making your meals at home you hugely minimize risk of being exposed to those in processed, ready-made foods.

How to stop food waste?

Save money

Sustainability is about reducing but not going without! You do not have to turn your life upside down to be sustainable. It really is about small but long term changes, more conscious choices and simple improvements that both works for environment and for you.

Here are some things your can consider changing today that will save you money and be better for the earth:

  • Use your own travel mug for coffee or tea when on the go
  • Have filled water bottle on you
  • Have your bag when going shopping
  • Consider buying second hand
  • Renew your library membership
  • Walk or cycle where you can
  • Get rechargeable batteries
  • Plan your food shopping to prevent waste
  • Find enjoyment is cooking from scratch
  • Reduce your meat and diary consumption
  • Compost your food scraps
  • Free dry your cloths when possible
  • Swap plastic cups and cutlery for reusable once
  • Learn how to store food properly to make them last longer
  • Before buying, think if you really need it
  • Learn to re-use what you have
  • Try to fix it before throwing it away
  • Donate unwanted things instead of putting them in the bin
  • Grow some herbs

There are many other basic things you can do to improve your spending and help the planet. Water preservation is one of them. Be conscious how much you use, perhaps you can take shorter shower on some days. Look into simple solutions as collecting rain water for watering your garden and perhaps growing few edibles.

Mountain Walk

Meaningful life

It surprisingly cleansing process to tidy, sort and review. If you have ever done a spring-clean I’m sure you experienced the amazing feeling of achievement but somewhat the process leaves you in a better head space all together. Without a doubt examining your ways of living, making positive changes houses that great sense of self-improvement and achievement that helps us keep positive and improves our mental well-being.

With that often come a sense of purpose and gratitude. Aiming for sustainable choices helps you re-attach to the reality just that bit more and result in realization that not physical things but relations and experiences are where our happiness lays.

In some ways it helps us de-clutter our mind and enables us to focus on the important things, sort priorities.

Better connection with nature and re-discovering it’s beauty is often a natural part of the process stimulating positive emotions and allowing our head to get some space and calm.

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