A bit about me…

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m just an ordinary person, a wife and a working mum of 2 boys. I love learning and discovering new ways! When I found my 2 little fussy eaters challenging I started educating myself about nutrition. Not only was it fun but also it totally opened my eyes to explore all related subjects of healthy diet, healthy balanced living and most importantly consciousness and sustainability in our everyday life. So, here I am sharing with you how I changed my family life to become healthier, happier and more conscious mum.

It is never an easy task to shift your habits that you have been developing for years but I hope to inspire you to take those steps, simplify your life and free yourself to do focus on what matters most.  I hope that though my passion for sustainable living I will help you make a positive changes in your everyday life to become happier and healthier, re-discover appreciation and gratitude, find purpose and intention in life.

If just like me you are a parent, through your actions you educate you children. Without a doubt, they are the future and the way we raise them is a huge part of who they will become and how they will be able to influence the ecological world crisis we are facing .  I would love to see my boys being confident, responsible and conscious citizens, respectful and with love and appreciation of nature and our ecosystem.

I will be exploring sustainable family choices  that do not cost the earth but make a difference  and conscious family living that is rewarding and meaningful while focusing on each other.  I hope to inspire you to become you health advocate and take control!

How to simplify you life …

As a busy working mum I need my life to be simple, time management is a biggie! I love cooking and I’m passionate about nutrition  so  I’m so excited to share this with you! Here you will find lots of quick, yummy, healthy, everyday family recipes that save your time and money. I aim to inspire you to make some positive changes in your life through all of it’s aspects . I will share my tips on how I get my family active by sparking curiosity in children and teaching them the sustainable way of life.

Life is a journey. Each of us will have our own way, there is no “one size fits all”. No, I don’t have all the answers but I hope you’ll stay with me on my journey and enjoy your own development!


Founder of Conscious Family Living

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