5 Easy sustainable swaps worth considering

Tea Pouring

It is not at all difficult or expensive to be a bit more Eco friendly. While sustainable living principles are about re-using and re-purposing in fact you can save your budget and time! You don’t at all have to find an extra dosh, what you need to find is a consideration within you and will to break old habits.

Most people are aware how badly we have been managing our global waste. Most of us have understanding of the global waste issues, excessive amount of plastic covering acres of landfills . We hear that our oceans and marine life are struggling with shocking prediction for plastic to exceed the amount of fish in our seas by 2050. We might be aware of fast fashion issues and food waste around the world. All of us heard of global warming and pollution. We hear it and we feel shocked and horrified, it makes us worry. Many of us see the issue with our own eyes or experience the climate change.

I can’t help feeling that despite the awareness we are often dis-attached and think of the problems as if it’s not ours. We expect or hope  “others” will deal with it. In a world when everyday items are affordable and available to most, throw away culture became normality. I refuse to accept it and I’m taking responsibility for my own choices!

“We are living this planet as if we had another one to go to” (Jerri Swearingen).

Soooo, here I am with my plague. Living more sustainable every day is more important than ever for our own future and it is our common interest. Awareness is first step in the right direction but keeping you mind open and taking action is what really is the key. Trust me, I was not always considerate but there is no need for bad feeling here but instead realization what needs to change followed by taking action. While small actions are not going to fix the climate crisis, I really believe that they do add all up and make a difference. Most importantly they make us become more sensitive to other problems. I really want to inspire you a little to live more consciously, make better choice for your and the planets well being and perhaps start the seed of “re-usable” nature grow within you.

Here are my 5 suggestions to start you up on the road to more sustainable life.

Beeswax Wraps 

No more cling film! Beeswax wraps are one of the easiest swaps I have made! Those fun beeswax covered fabric pieces are versatile, washable and reusable.

Thanks to beeswax they are mouldable so you can use them to wrap your sandwich, pack a piece of fruit or create a pocket to take your nuts. I also use them to cover my salad bowl or awkwardly-shaped leftover to prevent them from drying. Simply rinse with soapy warm water after use, dry and reuse again. Simple and effective and honestly I does not feel like a sacrifice to get rid of your cling film.

Vegetable Bags

Veg Bag

No plastic bags! You might think that this is an option for those who are shopping in a zero waste or bulk stores. Well, not at all! If you are one of the lucky once that have zero waste store near you those are most definitely super useful! I take those organic cotton bags every time I go shopping to the greengrocer as well as supermarket. Whenever it’s possible I pick loose fruit, vegetables or nuts and avoid plastic packaging. I also avoid taking a plastic bag often available at the supermarkets in the fresh produce section.

You can wash your fruit in the bag, it makes it much easier! They are very versatile, can be used for storing nuts, onions or loose salad, spinach or herbs. Simply wash your bag after use and re-use time and time again.

Reusable silicone bags

Silicone bagsAnother effortless switch I regret I did not think about earlier! Reusable BPA free, silicone bags are just amazing. While I do store a lot of kitchen goods in recycles glass jars those come very handy when glass is not an option. You can literally store anything in them, from hot soups and sauces to sandwiches, fruit or dry produce such us beans, cookies or nuts. I love this particular product, the zip lock is leak proof and stand up design makes them space efficient.

They are also suitable for the freezer. Of course you can use them beyond kitchen to store what you would usually keep in plastic bags. They are easy to wash, dry and reuse again. What’s not to love.

Hand made natural soap


There is such a choice of beautiful, natural soaps out there and Etsy must be my favourite place to go to for handmade goods. By choosing bar soap you save a lot of plastic packaging that otherwise liquid soap would come in, but also invest in your health! Skin is our biggest organ and absorbs substances from the environment as well as creams, soaps and whatever else we decide to treat it with. Many liquid soaps and bath products are full of chemicals, parabens, salfates and triclocans which are harmful to us. This swap is no brainer! I recently used Emolive which I can truly recommend. All soaps are hand made using natural ingredients and essential  oils. Great value for money and 100% Eco packaging.

Loose Tea

TeaI’m slightly addicted to herbal tea, It’s by far my drink of choice during winter. Loose tea is not something you might have expected to find here  however while Brits go through 100,000,000 cups every day I thought it’s an important one to mention.

The first thing that comes to mind is the large amount of unnecessary packaging. Lots of tea bags are wrapped individually which make the waste quite significant.

Some tea bag brands use a sealing plastic called polyproylen to keep thee bags from falling apart. While your are brewing your tea, microplastic ends up in you lovely cuppa. Those plastic containing bags are not recyclable or biodegradable but mostly they can be harmful for your health.

Loose tea is delicious and much more fragrant. Water flowing through the leaves extracts a wide range of vitamins, minerals, flavours, and aromas from them. I find loose tea better value for many and you need to use much less of it.

Tea StrainerIf you are unsure what to go for try a good selection to start with. You can mix leaves together and create your own blends. I recommend investing in a good quality strainer that make the process of brewing effortless!

Simply place recommended amount of loose tea in the strainer, pop it in your favourite mug and cover with water. Once brewed remove and place on a plate provided. The strainer is are also easy to wash and use again. Unlike with plastic containing tea bags what you are left with is 100% recyclable!

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