5 Easy sustainable swaps worth considering

Tea Pouring

It is not at all difficult or expensive to be a bit more Eco friendly. While sustainable living principles are about re-using and re-purposing in fact you can save your budget and time! You don’t at all have to find an extra dosh, what you need to find is a consideration within you and will to break old habits.

Most people are aware how badly we have been managing our global waste. Most of us have understanding of the global waste issues, excessive amount of plastic covering acres of landfills . We hear that our oceans and marine life are struggling with shocking prediction for plastic to exceed the amount of fish in our seas by 2050. We might be aware of fast fashion issues and food waste around the world. All of us heard of global warming and pollution. We hear it and we feel shocked and horrified, it makes us worry. Many of us see the issue with our own eyes or experience the climate change. Continue reading “5 Easy sustainable swaps worth considering”

The art of fining life balance

Women cycling

Today, a bit of reflection about life. It turns out that motherhood and self – employment both comes with seemingly endless demands, it feels impossible to keep up, there never seems to be enough time or money and expectation always high. A feeling of failure and guilt is not unfamiliar to me. Work, family, friends, play, leisure, relaxation, caring for others and ourselves, social and political consciousness, environmental awareness, physical needs … there is just so many things we are having to juggle in life. Is it possible to find a balance and if so, how to do it? Balance surely means something different to each of us.

Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Continue reading “The art of fining life balance”

Homemade Oat Milk

Oat Milk

Shop bought oat milk can be quite pricey and comes with few more added ingredients than you bargained for. While this non dairy drink should only contain oats and water most oat drinks available in the shop contain sugar, stabilizers for even texture, preservatives for longer shelve life, oil, thickeners and emulsifiers for more creamy consistency.

To enjoy healthy dairy alternative keep it virgin by making it yourself! It’s super easy, it will save you a small fortune and takes less than 5min to make.
This milk alternative can be used for your morning bowl of cereal and delicious smoothies, can be added to your favorite hot drink or used for baking. Oats provide the additional fiber that we all need as well as iron and vitamin B6. Continue reading “Homemade Oat Milk”

How to start eating plant based diet

Bowl of salad

What is whole plant based diet?

Let start with clarifying what plant based diet really is. Whole plant diet is plant-rich diet consisting mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants and with few or no animal-source foods. This way of eating aims to minimize or eliminate meat, dairy and other animal foods, while focusing on unprocessed, pure plant foods for optimal health. Continue reading “How to start eating plant based diet”

Herbs for better health


I always have enjoyed herbal flavours when it comes to cooking. Vivid herbs not only look great on the plate and add much-needed colour and flavour all year round but also provide benefits that with regular consumption develop over time, in many cases putting them beyond the scope of clinical trials.

Why you should eat more herbs?

In my kitchen I aim to use at lease one herb in each meal I prepare. It might sound challenging if you are not used to this idea but it’s really matters of using small amount with whatever you are preparing. They are quite powerful and little goes a long way! Continue reading “Herbs for better health”